Bootcampers Dave Rogers, Tanja AuCoin, Stacey Christie, Corrine Bullock, Tessa Jenks, Natasha Kulikowski and Anick Deschenes-Jenks in front strike a pose before starting their evening of circuit training Nov. 3. Boot camp is open to all ages and fitness levels, running Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Midnight Sun Complex.
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Loud music. High energy. And lots of gasping for breath.

It’s just another evening of Inuvik Boot Camp, held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Midnight Sun Complex, and just completed its first of four Active, Resilient, and Connected (ARC) Grant nights, the Turkey Legs challenge — an all leg-night exercise that left the crowd stumbling out with small door prizes. Hosting the challenges allows the club to get funding to cover insurance and operation fees.

“We have safety measures in place for Covid-19,” said Natasha Kulikowski, who runs the bi-weekly circuit training session. “One of those is that we’re not using any equipment other than a mat to work out on, so the things people learn at Boot Camp can be done at home.

“Just things like push-ups, squats, very basic body movements that we usually do in our regular day anyway. We’re just doing them consistently in a row and getting our sweat on while we’re at it.”

A long-time staple of Inuvik, Boot Camp has run through several instructors and incarnations throughout the years. Kulikowski noted she initially took her training years back when the previous instructors moved and was looking for anyone interested in learning to run exercise classes to join her in running the club.

After taking to the streets over the summertime, which was a first for the club, Boot Camp is now back to the warm indoors. Due to a change in venue to accommodate East Three School as it works to keep within Covid-19 safety precautions, the normally-free class now costs $6 an evening.


Also, the class is limited to a maximum of 14 participants. So far, the average attendance has been around eight people. Kulikowski noted the workouts were geared so that anyone can participate regardless of fitness level.

“I like to say the class is open to anyone, of all fitness levels and ages,” said Kulikowski. “But if you’ve never worked out ever in your life you should probably check with your doctor first to see if it’s okay. There are some forms you have to fill out just to make sure you are ready to move your body in the way you want to.

“At the same time, once you’re there, if you’re finding ever that anything is too complicated or too difficult for you, everyone is invited to just keep their body moving, whether they walk, dance, march on the stop, whatever it is they need to do just to be away from the couch. Finding a class like this is a simple way to get an hour out of your home.”

Next ARC night will be ‘Train Like the Troops’, which will be held following Remembrance Day.

Sessions will run until Dec. 3, then resume in January and run until the end of March. Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact the front desk of the Midnight Sun Complex at 777 8640 to register ahead of time.



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