An Inuvik man was sentenced to time served for two breaches of court-imposed conditions, one of which included not having any contact with his mother.

Appearing in custody before Inuvik territorial court Jan. 21, the man — who the Inuvik Drum has chosen not to identify — pleaded guilty to two counts of breach of release conditions. Chief Judge Robert Gorin sentenced him sixty days in custody, which with the 65 actual days spent in prison amounted to time served.

“I’m sorry for everything,” said the man in his defence.

Crown prosecutor Levi Karpa told court the man had been released on conditions to have no contact with his mother and remain at home between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

However, on Nov. 15 RCMP received a phone call from the man’s sister that he was with her. RCMP responded to her home and found the man and his mother drinking.

Then, on Nov. 28, RCMP popped by his apartment at 10:30 p.m. Another person answered the door and when police asked if he was home, he was not.

Defence lawyer Alanhea Vogt said the man had lived in Inuvik almost all his life and his mother was a residential school survivor. The home he grew up in was a gambling house and the man was witness to his mother abusing his father.

She added the man had plans to look for work and do upgrading at school.

Noting the man had 18 prior convictions, Judge Gorin cautioned the man his luck is running out.

“Overall, your record doesn’t come close to the worse I’ve seen,” he said. “Really, for the most part it’s composed of breaches. But looking at the record, courts of the future won’t think there are many options other than jail.”

Eric Bowling

Breaking News Reporter and Digital Editor for NNSL, Eric operates out of Inuvik in the Beaufort Delta. He's four years into his Northern adventure and is eager to learn more about life in the Arctic Circle....

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