Inuvik RCMP Staff Sgt. Dustin Ward presented the monthly police report at the town council meeting Monday, Feb. 12.

Staff Sgt. Dustin Ward, centre, of the Inuvik RCMP Detachment presented his report to Town Council Monday, Feb. 12.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

Inuvik RCMP responded to three reports of impaired driving incidents in January. No charges or arrests were made. Ward said this decrease in impaired driving incidents is encouraging and the RCMP will continue to implement proactive patrols and check stops.

The report also states that four reports of domestic violence were made to the RCMP in January, for which multiple criminal charges are pending. Four males will be facing charges in territorial court, according to the report.

The RCMP was also involved in several youth engagement activities in January, such as the Sunrise Festival, the video dance party, and police fitness sessions organized by Cst. Stephanie Leduc at East Three School.

The goal of the fitness sessions was to familiarize youth with the type of fitness activities that they could expect in training should they be interested in a policing career. The fire department was also involved and ran similar activities geared towards showing youth what activities would be involved with a career as a firefighter.

Councillor Joe Lavoie said the increased interaction and positive relationship building between RCMP and youth is encouraging, as in the past there has been a disconnect between them.

Also discussed at the meeting was the January report for the fire department, by-law, and emergency measures.

Eight reports of ‘alarm – no fire’ at Frosty’s apartments occurred throughout January.

Inuvik municipal enforcement officer TJ Moore said these ‘alarm – no fire’ reports were caused by outdated and malfunctioning equipment at the apartment building.

Moore said the apartment managers are working to replace the malfunctioning equipment.

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