The October election will decide only one thing – who will be mayor – as the eight council seats and seven district education authority (DEA) seats were acclaimed.

Natasha Kulikowski and Vince Sharpe, both former town councillors, are running for the one mayoral position.

Only eight nominations were made for the eight town councillor positions available.

Steven Baryluk, Desmond Loreen, Gary McBride, Paul MacDonald, Alana Mero, Ray Solotki, Kurt Wainm

An advanced poll for the municipal election and the District Education Authority Member election will take place October 2. Voters will also have a final chance to cast their ballots October 15.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

an and Clarence Wood were acclaimed.

Barylyk, Mero, Wainman and Wood are returning to their councillor seats, while Loreen, McBride, MacDonald and Solotki are new additions to town council.

Tony Devlin, Jodie Maring, Lenora McLeod, A.J. Minakis, Mark Owen, Jennifer Parrott and Janelle Wainmain were acclaimed to the seven DEA seats.

Voters will cast their ballots for the 2018 municipal general election on October 15. An advanced poll will be held October 2.

Returning officer Grant Hood said while there will still be the usual mayoral debate on September 27, there will not be a traditional debate for town councillors because the election was uncontested and the purpose of a debate is to give voters an idea of each councillor’s platform.

Hood said there is a possibility that there will be a forum wherein councillors will be able to make a statement about their plans for their new roles.

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