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Inuvik youth protest climate change

On Friday, dozens of youth and community members in Inuvik joined millions of protesters worldwide to urge world leaders to take bolder action on climate change.

The march started at East Three Secondary School, stopped at Chief Jim Koe Park, and continued to Inuvik Library before winding its way back to the start. As the walk began, event organizer and teacher Abe Drennan told attendees that Inuvik was one of thousands of cities across 161 countries participating in the event.

For students like Cooper Jenks, it was an opportunity to voice his concern with his peers and neighbors."I think the world should last longer than however long I think it will because of climate change," he said.

He started participating in the walks last March when Drennan, his music teacher, helped to begin organizing the actions. "If I ever have kids, I want them to have a good future," Jenks said about why he participated in the event.