At recess, lunch, and after school, students at East Three Elementary school are flocking to the
foyer to buy their copy of the school’s new monthly newspaper, the Maple Press.

Evan Chhetri, left, Kira Grace Bretana, Bianca Rogers sell copies of the Maple Press at recess, lunchtime, and after school every day.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

For 25 cents, students can read an interview with a teacher, read the comics, find out what events
are happening at the school, and more.
The first issue of the newspaper was released in January, and the latest issue was published Feb.
The Maple Press started in Abe Drennan’s Grade 6 class after students held an election for class
prime minister. The paper was an election campaign promise, but the whole class participates in
making the newspaper.
One of the student journalists, Evan Chhetri, said the class is learning a lot from making the
Maple Press.
“One thing we’re learning is how to make people actually want to buy the papers,” Chhetri said.
“Also how to handle money.”
Bianca Rogers, another one of the student journalists, said they’ve made about 40 dollars so far.
Proceeds from the paper will go towards the Grade 6 graduation ceremony.
Chhetri said the paper is a good way for students to remember what’s going on at school.
“Whenever someone asks a kid, ‘What’s happening at school?’ kids always say, ‘Oh, I forgot,’
so then you have the newspaper to say ‘Oh, what we did is right here!’” Chhetri said.
The Maple Press journalists all agreed making the comics was their favourite part of making the
Drennan said he is proud of his students’ initiative.
“I was so excited about the paper because they came up with it on their own, and I ran with it,”
Drennan said. “The kids really enjoy making it. It’s evolving nicely.”
Drennan said he hopes the paper continues to grow in coming months.
Chhetri said he wants to be an inventor when he grows up, and Rogers said she wants to be an
author, but Kira Grace Bretana, another one of the student journalists, said making the paper has
inspired her to think about becoming a journalist.
“I could broadcast the news,” Bretana said. “That would be fun.”

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