Inuvialuit, Canadians, and people around the world now have access to a new way to learn about the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA).

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) launched the first two modules of its IFA 101 eLearning Program last week.

A sample of what the eLearning program looks like.
Screenshot courtesy of the IFA 101 eLearning Program

The program aims to increase the public’s understanding of the IFA – the land claim agreement between the Inuvialuit and the Government of Canada that was signed June 5, 1984.

Thirty years later, the IFA 101 eLearning Program has launched with the aim of increasing the public’s understanding of the IFA.

“A new generation of Inuvialuit and the people they interact with has come into being. Many do not have first-hand knowledge and cannot use the IFA to meet its intended goals, nor adapt it to meet future needs,” reads a news release on the IRC website. “Self-paced, narrated, and visually appealing through the use of multimedia components, the program will be available on-demand through the IFA-101 website and via DVD. It aims to create awareness and develop curiosity surrounding the IFA.”

The program is free to everyone and includes learning modules that explain the Western Arctic Claim, how the IFA came to be, how it was implemented and more.

“With the next generation coming along, there needs to be a better understanding and better tools out there with today’s technology to inform not only beneficiaries but Canadians at large as well as others in regards to what it means to have these modern treaties,” stated IRC chair Duane Smith in a video about the program posted on the IRC Facebook page.

Ultimately, the IFA 101 eLearning Program aims to pass on knowledge around the IFA. One way IRC did this in tandem with the program was through engaging younger Inuvialuit in ongoing feedback concerning the project, according to the news release.

As of now, only two learning modules have been released. The final three will be released in the coming months.

The IFA 101 eLearning Program is available at

A representative from IRC was not available for interview in time for publication.

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