Inuvik is all set to make a splash once again.

The pool at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex (MSC) has re-opened after being closed for nearly one month while a leak was being repaired.

The pool at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex re-opened April 24 after undergoing repairs for a leak.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

Pool supervisor Mike Scott said the re-opening was celebrated with a free public swim and a free family swim the afternoon of April 24.

“The leak seems to be fixed now. It’s been filled up since late last week and there hasn’t been any issues as far as I can tell,” said Scott. “It looks like we’re good to go.”

During town council discussions last month, both a temporary fix and a permanent solution were discussed.

“They ended up doing the complete, permanent fix,” he said. “There wasn’t really access to the pipe in order to do the temporary sleeve, so they cut the liner open, jackhammered into the pad, found the leak, cut it out and capped it off. They filled it back in with concrete, we put the liner back on and put it all back together.”

He said a local contractor completed the fix.

Regular maintenance that usually closes the pool for three weeks in September was also completed during repairs.

“Now we can stay open in September,” Scott said. “We took advantage of the closure and got some of the usual yearly stuff done.”

The pool went back to operating under its regular schedule April 25.

“Overall, people understand that it was an issue we had to fix,” he said. “People are happy that we’re opening again now though.”

The start date for swimming lessons was pushed back two weeks due to the closure, but the missed lessons will be made up in the weeks following what would have been the last lesson. He said the swim team is excited to get back in the pool and finish off the year.

“It’s good as new,” he said. “It feels good to have it open again.”

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