A mini-skating-daycare service will result in either learning how to stop or a broken leg by Christmas.

Ruth Wright, right, laughs as she helps Laura Pascal with her skates.
Stewart Burnett/NNSL photo

After overhearing a cousin telling her daughter she wasn’t available to take her skating, Ruth Wright has begun taking youth to the rink on weekdays after school. She now has a troupe of about six children that she brings, either because their parents are too busy to go or don’t want to skate themselves.

“They’ve got these wonderful blue chairs, and they help,” said Wright about her experience learning to skate again.

“I’m still not letting go of the chair. I can skate. I just don’t know how to stop. All the kids out there are very encouraging, telling me how well I’m doing and this and that. They’re all trying to teach me how to stop and that’s helping a lot.”

Ava Cardinal thought Wright was doing all right.

“She’s good,” smiled Cardinal.

Wright has been at it for about three weeks now and plans to keep bringing youth down weekdays until Christmas.

“I thought if I don’t become slim and trim by Christmastime, at least I’ll break a leg,” she joked.

“I figured I might as well get into it again. Some of the kids are teasing me that I should try out for the old folks’ hockey. I said once I learn to stop I’ll think about that.”

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