Inuvik’s annual community-wide clean-up is set for June 1 to 15 and a long-running program to provide free usage of the landfill for both residents and businesses will continue for another year.
Councillors voted 7-0, with Coun. Kurt Wainman absent, to go ahead with the community clean-up plan as it has run in the past, at their May 27 regular meeting.
“Currently the intention is to bring the whole beautification policy to the administrative committee for full review,” said Mayor Natasha Kulikowski.

A map of the different zones around town that non-profits can apply to clean up by June 15. Applications are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. (Courtesy Town of Inuvik)

Deputy mayor Paul MacDonald had suggested reducing the discount for businesses to a mere 50 per cent cut, but councillors were universally against the idea of changing the program with the current economic environment. After a discussion, MacDonald rescinded his suggestion and voted to keep the current system.

“Given the climate we’re in right now, I wouldn’t want to give local businesses any other costs,” said Coun. Dez Loreen. “I think keeping it free for now and visiting it next year is the way to go.”

However, councillors and administration were in agreement the current free-tipping should be re-examined and hinted this could be the last year the service is offered.

“I’m pretty content to leave it exactly as it has been in the last few years,” said Coun. Gary McBride. “We’ll address that in the new beautification bylaw we’re bringing forward.

“It just makes sense this year to not change anything.”

Under the clean-up plan, residents will have free tipping at the landfill from June 1 to 20 while commercial and industrial users have until June 15. Demolition and hazardous material is still charged a tipping rate.

Residents can schedule large scale pick-ups from June 1 to 15, though due to staffing limitations and COVID-19 restrictions the actual pick up might not happen until after those dates.

One new initiative this year is a “free store.” Large items picked up that are re-usable may be put up for grabs at the solid waste disposal facility.

Also continuing this summer are the Community Beautification Contest, the Community Zone Clean-Up, the Water Rebate Program, and the Graffiti Hotline Program. Applications for the Beautification Contest will be posted on the Town’s website.

Registration for Zone Clean-up runs from June 1 to 5 and is open to non-profits and community groups. Each group will have until June 15 to clean up their zone. When completed to the town’s satisfaction, the town will award the group with a small cash prize ranging from $300 to $500, depending on the zone


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