The swimming pool at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex will be closed from May 6-22 while a leaking jet is repaired.

The pool will be closed from May 6-22 while the jet is repaired.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

This leak comes less than two weeks after the pool was re-opened following a one-month closure while a leak in a different pipe was being repaired.  

Rick Campbell, director of public services, said one of the jets that supplies the water to the pool disconnected somewhere in the cement below the pool.

Campbell said the repair team will have to dig up the cement to see where the pipe is leaking.

“This is the third jet leak at the pool,” he said. “We’re engaging an engineering firm to come up with a plan for a long-term fix for the pool. We need to address the whole problem, not just finding piecemeal solutions as we have been.”

He said several engineers will come to inspect the pool and all of the information about past repairs and pool reports have been sent to the engineering team to inform their planning.

He said he doesn’t know how much the repair or the engineering consultation will cost yet.  

Pool manager Mike Scott said the leak may have been caused by the same issue as the previous leak.

“The shifting of the ground and the pressure that was on the pipes caused the top of one of them to basically break off,” said Scott. “It’s just the way the ground heaves and drops every season … and age of the pool, we’re 13 years in, things are kind of just getting old and starting to fail.”

He said swimming lessons will be bumped back a few weeks, and a few make-up days will be scheduled.

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