The Administration Committee estimates the pool at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex will cost $1 million to repair.Senior administrative officer (SAO) Grant Hood said in the budget update that the pool leak has intensified recently. The pool needs a full replenishment of water every 10 days.

Town council discussed the cost and the town’s options moving forward Monday Feb. 26. A sleeve could be installed over the leaking pipe as a temporary solution, but the cost of this is unknown and would require draining the pool.

The leak at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex pool will cost approximately $1 million to fix.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

In the update, Hood said staff are waiting for a leak detection camera to determine where the leak is.

Should the town go with the more permanent solution, which the administration committee
estimated will cost $1 million, Hood said the town could go into a deficit to cover the cost with
approval from Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) so long as a spending plan is presented.

Timing is another issue. The work will take approximately three months to complete and will
affect community pool users as the pool will not be usable.

Hood suggested gathering user opinions on what time of year a pool shutdown would have the least impact.

GNAF donation as policy
The Great Northern Arts Festival (GNAF) asked for a donation from the Town of Inuvik to cover the cost of using the community centre venue for the festival, along with office space and internet access.

At the Feb. 26 meeting, Mayor Jim McDonald said adding it to the town’s donation policy is something that can be considered. Councilor Alana Mero said the addition could be council’s legacy.

“Thirty years of [GNAF] volunteers being here once a year, I think we need to honour that and I think we need to show our faith that it’s going to be going again,” Mero said. “I think with what the town gets back from the festival, it’s well worth everything we donate.”

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