A territory-wide recreation training program made its first stop in Inuvik on Monday.

Meaghan Richens/NNSL photo. Tara Carpenter attended the Recreation North training program at Aurora College on Monday. Carpenter wants to use what she learned in the course to help empower youth in the community.

The Recreation North Training Program is put on by Recreation North, which is a partnership between the three territorial recreation and parks associations.

“Generally our learning events are offered online, but the NWT has decided to offer a couple in person to have the opportunity to go through the online system with learners,” said Amanda Grobbecker, a program manager with Recreation North, and director of personal development with the Northwest Territories Parks and Recreation Association (NWTPRA).

Grobbecker met with course participants in the computer lab at Aurora College to help get them set up with the course’s online system and learn recreation 101.

“If they wish to continue with the training program, they’ll be able to continue with the online portion of it,” she said. “So Rec North has those learning events in order to earn a certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership.”

The goal of the course is to introduce people to the basics of recreation and its benefits for individual, community and environmental well-being, Grobbecker explained.

“Recreation North has been designed for people that are possibly new to the field of recreation, they may be interested in a career in recreation, so it’s really an opportunity for people to learn and understand how recreation happens in the North,” she said.

“And about recreation being an essential and relevant service in people’s communities.”

Recreation activities can include but are not limited to organized sports.

“When we’re looking at recreation we’re looking at things you do in your daily life,” said Grobbecker. “It could also just be activities that are going on at your community hall, it could be special events, special dinners that happen, it could be a sewing club. Anything that people do that gives them fulfillment and enjoyment.”

Last year was a pilot for the program they’re running this year, she said.

“And basically what people have been saying that have been in the program and what we’re hearing is that they’re finding this useful and relevant to their daily jobs. So whatever they have going on it’s immediately relevant.”

Tara Carpenter wants to work with and help empower youth and said she felt this course can help her do that.

“I thought it was great,” said Carpenter. “It was a learning experience that gives me a heads-up on what activities are going on in the community.”

Carpenter said her favourite part was learning about different recreational activities and hobbies.

The next Recreation North learning events will be held in Norman Wells on February 7, and Fort Simpson on March 7.

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