The 2018 Inuvik Sunrise Festival is next year but just two weeks away, and the final details were being hammered out at a meeting this week.

The festival, which takes place on the frozen Twin Lakes down by the boat launch next to Mackenzie River, will have a bit of a change in layout from last year.

A sketch of the layout of the 2018 Inuvik Sunrise Festival. This map is subject to change.
photo courtesy of Kylik Kisoun Taylor

“I thought it would be best to move things closer to the fire, because it’s a long way to walk,” said Kylik Kisoun Taylor, owner of Tundra North Tours, while presenting a sketch of the new layout.

“We wanted the centerpiece to be the sliding castle, because that’s where all the kids hang out anyway.”

Attendees discussed the idea of having the skating rink circle the entire festival area, but ultimately seemed to agree that, though the idea is novel, it would present too much hazard for people walking across it constantly. The town will be making some skates available for people to use on the track.

People are encouraged not to bring their cars down on to the ice this year, though that’s not because of the stability of the ice.

“The lake is pretty much frozen right to the bottom,” said Taylor, adding there is about a foot of water still underneath the ice.

It was suggested for the town to bring its bleachers down to the Twin Lakes for seating.

Jonathon Michel, representing the Inuvik firefighters, wanted a notice to go out to discourage drone use around the festival, as it could present a danger to attendees or interfere with the fireworks or bonfire.

“It’s only DOT (the Department of Transportation) or someone from the federal government who can enforce it,” said Grant Hood, senior administrative officer. “We can’t.”

Tourism assistant Heather Moses said there will be some prizes and packages for people involved in the annual sno-pitch game on the last day of the festival, something requested after last year’s festival.

Taylor talked about working with the Inuvik Youth Centre to create shot glasses made from ice for use at the DJ party, which is new to the festival this year and takes place on the Saturday night.

Attendees of the meeting Monday met again the next day at the Twin Lakes to hammer out the final design of the festival, which is scheduled to take place Jan. 5 to 7, 2018.

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