A reminder about where ATVs are and aren’t permitted was sent out to residents last week and now the town has issued it on its Facebook page.

Coun. Steve Baryluk said he was asked about the notice by a resident during town council’s May 27 regular meeting.

“We thought it would be beneficial just to remind everyone, including parents of operators, that they are responsible to use their ATVs where it’s not interfering with anybody else’s enjoyment of the parks as well,” said Director of Public Safety Cynthia Hammond. “It was a proactive way to address a concern rather than enforcement in the first place.”

She said the town’s enforcement division had received numerous complaints about ATVs and other off-road vehicles like dirt bikes being used in places they are not authorized to be in.

“They are supposed to be staying in approved areas, not prohibited areas like the school ground as well as playgrounds, which we have seen them in,” said Hammond. “And (we) have had complaints about them being in the school ground and playgrounds.”

She noted it was also timely to remind residents they need either a permit or a valid driver’s licence to drive off-road vehicles in town.

ATVs must be registered with a licence plate, drivers are required to wear helmets and carry insurance for liability. Permits are only available if aged 14-years-old or older and required to complete a safety course.

Elders are exempt from wearing helmets or taking the safety course.

Mayor Natasha Kulikowski said the letters were a pro-active initiative and said she had heard from the RCMP that they appreciated the town sending out the notice.

“A letter went out on May 13 called the Reminder of ATV operation,” she said. “Basically stating what the prohibited areas are, what the owner and operator responsibilities are and just letting people know that there would be increased patrols by municipal enforcement, to provide education and if they have to take additional steps to enforce the bylaws.”

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