Vince Sharpe won the grand prize of $4,000 in the Road’s End Golf Course’s unique, sold-out annual fundraiser September 15.

Steve Krug, outgoing president of the Inuvik Golf Association explained that everyone who purchased a $10 ticket for the fundraiser had their ticket number written on a golf ball.

The Great Slave Helicopter gets ready to release the golf balls over the Road’s End Golf Course green.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

All marked golf balls were then collected into a fire bucket of a helicopter.

“The helicopter hovered over the green and dropped the golf balls near a marker,” said Krug. “The closest ball to the orange marker on the green was the winner. Vince Sharpe won with his 332 ball, which landed three feet and eight inches away from the marker.”

The fundraiser was organized as a 50/50, so the golf course also receives $4,000.

Krug said the golf course will use the funds raised to expand operations and to do some much-needed net repairs on the course.

The fundraiser will take place again next year, and Krug said he hopes to expand it to sell more tickets due to its popularity this year.

He added that this summer season was a good one overall for the Road’s End Golf Course, aside from two break-and-enter incidents that took place in June and September this year.

“Besides the two break-ins, this season was good. Everything turned out well, and I’m glad we can wrap up this season on a positive note with this fundraiser,” he said.

For example, the golf course ran its first-ever men’s league this year on Thursday nights, a weekly event that ended in a successful tournament last month.

Although the fundraiser was the last major event of the season for the golf course, it isn’t closed yet, according to Krug.

Organizers locate the winning ball.
Samantha McKay/NNSL photo

“We’ll be opening the golf course on an as-is, where-is basis depending on how the weather is,” he said. “If it is 14 degrees and sunny on a Thursday night, we’re going to open.”

Krug said the season would not have been possible without the help of volunteers, such as Deb Karst and Marty Verbonac, as well as the summer staff and corporate sponsors, including Great Slave Helicopters.

“I just want to thank everyone who bought tickets and participated, as well as everyone who supported us throughout the year,” he said.

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