Rose and Barney Tootoo conduct the ceremonial faceoff with Jordin Tootoo, left, and Piqut Nukapiak to launch the 2019 Terence Tootoo Memorial senior men’s championship in Rankin Inlet on March 8, 2019.
NNSL file photo

The Grand Old Lady on the hill will close its doors for the final time this coming weekend as the hamlet has announced the arena will close for the season this coming Friday, April 12, in Rankin Inlet.
The hamlet’s recreation department will continue to maintain the two outdoor rinks on Williamson Lake in Rankin for as long as temperatures allow.


Team announced


Listed below are the players who will suit up for the Arviat Arctic Connection squad that will compete in the Manitoba Cup in Winnipeg from April 12-14: Douglas Ollie, Panniuq Karetak, Terrance McLean, Garry Kuksuk Jr., Tyler Tattuinee, Amauyak Lindell, Robert Karetak, Charlie Karetak, Nap Karetak, JC Ollie, Alfred Voisey, Rodney Taparti, Richard Little, Gleason Uppahuak, Jordan St. John, Kyle Ettawacappo, Dustin Easter.

Air charter

Rankin Inlet/Yellowknife


The Rankin Wolves U12 soccer program and the Rankin Inlet Soccer Association are offering the general public a limited number of available seats on a charter flight to Yellowknife and back for $875.
The flight leaves Rankin for Yellowknife on Wednesday, April 24, at noon and returns to Rankin on Monday, April 29 and 2:30 p.m.
Anyone interested in purchasing a seat on the charter is asked to contact Paul Stroeder in Rankin Inlet.

Time capsule

Baker Lake

There will be an opening of a time capsule at Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School (JASS) today, April 10, beginning at 7 p.m. as part of its Nunavut-at-20 celebrations.
The opening will also feature snacks and beverages, door prizes, a kids’ zone and a cake decorating contest sponsored by the JASS student council.

Soccer tourney

Rankin Inlet

The Rankin Inlet women’s soccer tournament (aged 19 and older) is scheduled to be held in Rankin Inlet from May 9-12.
Team registrations for the tournament will be accepted from April 29 until May 3. The registration fee for the tourney is $500 per team, with each team allowed to roster nine players.
Cash prizes at the event will be determined by the number of teams that register for the tournament.

New business

Rankin Inlet

The new Niksik leasing and sales company was scheduled to officially open its doors in Rankin Inlet on March 27.


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