As the clock ticks toward the Dec. 24th deadline, life can get a little hectic at Santa’s Workshop.

Before any elf pops under the pressure, Mrs. Claus encourages everyone at the North Pole to practice moments of self-care. That way, everyone can share the festive kind of headspace from which to inspire with mirth and magic.

Meanwhile in the subarctic, the Inclusion NWT Healthy Families Photo Challenge is heeding Mrs. Claus’ wisdom by inviting people across the NWT to share a photo of a place or activity that helps members of their household to reconnect, recharge and refresh. That way, they can be the best big person to the little people in their lives.

What helps you see the world through joyful eyes?

This photo challenge isn’t just for parents. Siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, ‘bros and BFFs are all part of creating a healthy, nurturing environment for our youth.

  • Make bannock while you swap memories with a friend
  • Dive into the deep end and swim away your stresses at the pool
  • Leave the phone at home and walk the dog across the Canadian Shield
  • Northern lights or not, peer up at the sky and let your mind drift on the breeze
  • Budget half an hour for that beading project (even if it won’t be finished until September 2023)
  • Choose a board game or other group activity to share without alcohol or other substances
  • Take a break from your to-do list to go out on the land like you used to

Share your ideas, feel inspired, and win a prize!

Take a picture of your favourite place or activity and submit it to the photo challenge at Contest closes at midnight on Dec. 31st. Don’t forget to register when entering to receive future giveaway and contest alerts, right to your inbox.

Get creative! The most eye-catching photos and inspiring activities will earn one household a bundle of fun prizes for the whole family!

Visit: to enter early and often!