Whether you’re getting ready to head out to the cabin for the weekend, or planning an aurora viewing evening, Yellowknife Co-op has made it easy to find everything you need with one stop.

Even better, that stop will be more rewarding than ever!

Through February, the local Co-op is marking a year of offering propane distribution alongside the regular fuel offerings at the station, and with that anniversary comes the opportunity to save. With every 40-pound propane tank refilled, you’ll receive a $10 Co-op gift card. Only have 20-pound tanks? Two 20-pound fills will earn you the same reward.

“We were really pleased to add the propane fill station last year,” notes Jeff Kincaid, Yellowknife Co-op’s Business Development Manager. “We see a lot of people filling up their sleds and quads before going out to the cabin and now they can get the propane they need as well in just one stop.”

The addition was just the latest in the ever-expanding services Yellowknife Co-op offers its members and the community at large, from the pharmacy and grocery to the deli and on-site hydroponic greenhouse, growing several varieties of organic leafy greens for sale in-store.

The ever-expanding services Yellowknife Co-op offers range from the pharmacy and grocery to the deli and on-site hydroponic greenhouse, in addition to fuel, propane and home heating oil.

In 2020, they also made a commitment to supporting local producers and vendors whose businesses were locked down by offering a variety of local products in-store, including delicious Fishy People products, locally made bread by Bush Order Provisions, favourites from Copperhouse, Bullocks, Tom and Jer Catering, and more.

It’s just part of a commitment to giving back to the local community that’s at the heart of the Co-op.

For just $1, you can get a lifetime membership to Yellowknife Co-op – now more than 7,000 strong. In return, you’ll enjoy a whole host of rewards, including rebate cheques issued annually based on your food store and pharmacy patronage, in addition to rebates of 7 cents per litre on your fuel purchases and 6 cents per litre on home heating oil purchases.

Membership really does add up!

To learn more, stop by your Yellowknife Co-op today at 321 Old Airport Rd., where the store is open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. And don’t forget your propane tank! You can also visit online anytime.