Jerald Sibbeston

Mayoral candidate Jerald Sibbeston says he will shoot intruders after an alleged break-in at his home early Friday morning.
Age: 41
Family Status: Single
Time in Yellowknife: 41 years on and off
Experience relevent to the job: Bachelor's degree in Canadian law with a minor in political science

Jerald Sibbeston wears a ring with a gold-coloured nugget on a chain around his neck.

“It’s actually not a flake of gold,” he said.

“It’s a piece of slag off of Giant Mine’s roaster.

The ring, which belonged to his grandmother, signifies Sibbeston’s spiritual connection to Yellowknife.

“It would be hard for me to ever permanently leave here,” said Sibbeston, who is making a bid for mayor.

The neophyte politician is campaigning as the anti-corruption and anti-establishment candidate who believes “everyone should have justice at City Hall.”

“The other candidates are running on ideas, I’m running on principal,” said Sibbeston.

The son of former premier and senator Nick Sibbeston, Sibbeston made the news last March after he was banned from the Fieldhouse for threatening a staff member, according to the city.

Sibbeston, who had been showering at the facility without paying, denies the claim he acted out of line.

Once senior staff has made a decision, it’s permanent and final and irrevocable,” he told Yellowknifer earlier this month.

There’s no recourse whatsoever.”

If elected, Sibbeston would push for the establishment of a municipal ombudsman office as a check on potential abuses of power by city officials.

Sibbeston also wants to improve city infrastructure.

“It’s been said that the Canadian dream is not hitting a pot hole on the way to Tim Horton’s,” he said, with only a hint of irony.

Though not a houseboater himself, Sibbeston believes the houseboat community on Yellowknife Bay is a tourist attraction and deserving of services. He would fight to bring houseboaters power, sewer and water services and garbage pick-up.

Though addressing homelessness is not his top priority, the first-time candidate said it is the one issue that keeps him awake at night.

“We will get to it,” he promised.