Young Yellowknifer Alex Mitchell is warming more than hearts with his new winter project.

Looking to save money for Christmas shopping, Mitchell said he started making kindling bundles and fire starter to sell since the beginning of November.

“We recently bought a cabin,” said Sherry Stuart, Mitchell’s grandma who adopted him. “At the cabin, they had these homemade fire starter things that they were using. We just thought they were really smart.”

“Our son said this year for Christmas that he really wanted to earn his own money to buy gifts for people,” said Stuart. “He does all the kindling making at our home.”

Each bundle includes about 20 sticks of kindling as well as five fire starter cups to help bring the heat.

Mitchell does all the work himself and estimates he’s made around 40 bundles, so far.

He said he starts with paper cups, fills them with melted wax and then with sawdust.

“It actually takes a lot of wax,” Mitchell said. “Like the 125 we made in the last two days, that’s three pounds.”

Mitchell says all the materials he uses are safe for burning in any woodstove or fireplace and don’t contain any plastics or metals.

On top of raising his own Christmas money, Stuart says Mitchell is looking to support a family through the NWT YWCA holiday sponsorship program.

Mitchell is selling his kindling bundles for $15 per bundle.

Those who don’t wish to purchase the bundle, can also purchase items individually with a bundle of kindling sticks for $10 each and fire starters for $1 each.

To order, text your request to Alex at 867-445-2223.

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