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19th Legislative Assembly officially dissolved

The 19th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories is officially no longer.
The business of the 19th Legislative Assembly is officially complete following dissolution by Commissioner Margaret Thom on Sunday. NNSL file photo

The 19th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories is officially no longer.

Commissioner Margaret Thom dissolved the current assembly on Sunday with the writs for each of the 19 ridings issued on Monday. By law, the assembly must dissolve no later than four years after the writs are returned, which happens around two weeks following the territorial election.

“Dissolution marks the end of the Legislative Assembly, paving the way for the next general election. It brings an end to all business before the Legislative Assembly and its committees,” stated a release from the legislative assembly on Friday.

While the business of the assembly may be over, those in a position of authority are still in their current roles. That includes Speaker Frederick Blake Jr., Premier Caroline Cochrane and all of cabinet. They will hold their roles until the first day of the 20th assembly — when the new group holds a territorial leadership meeting — or if their position is revoked.

Duty travel is restricted, though. The Speaker may only travel on business when necessary, while ministers should only travel to their constituencies on departmental budgets for essential and urgent departmental business during the campaign.

Regular members are now forbidden from engaging in election campaign activities within government premises or using public funds for campaign-related expenses. Election-related expenses also cannot be charged to the assembly.