Jillian Letts’ first response to winning $25,000?

“Woot! Woot!”

Her win came in the form of the NWT SPCA’s Mega Cash Big Boxing Day Draw, where a lucky individual was picked to take home the grand prize.

“I was in a store and a friend texted, then Mom called. I was in shock, raced home to tell my husband, who had seen my name drawn live. I’m still in shock. (My) first time winning something,” said Letts, who picked up her cheque on Jan. 9.

On top of being the big winner, Letts also has a significant relationship with the NWT SPCA. She feels the organization has “earned its reputation as a heroic and hard-working territorial non-profit.”

She listed the some of the many SPCA initiatives that have impressed her.

“The Pet Food and Supplies for Communities Program, adoption and fostering and various volunteer shelter programs, as well as the spay/neuter program at the Yellowknife Shelter clinic with Dr. Michelle Tuma and community clinics under the Animal Health Initiative program,” she said. “They also work with Vets Without Borders and the Sahtu Vet Team from Calgary. The NWT SPCA has accomplished so much since they opened the first animal shelter in October 2012.”

Letts and her family have been doing their share to help support the NWT SPCA, through participation in activities and animal adoptions.

“My children walk dogs, as trained shelter volunteers with the SPCA,” she said. “(And) all four of my family’s pets are rescues, for which we owe so much gratitude to SPCA staff.”

With her prize winnings, she plans to continue supporting the NWT SPCA, as well as other community businesses.

“One hundred per cent of the money will be spent at locally-owned NWT businesses,” she said. “The YK Book Cellar will be one of many beneficiaries.”

Letts also assured that since the money was going back into the community, certain external parties wouldn’t be able to obtain it.

“(Amazon founder) Jeff Bezos ain’t gonna see a dime of this windfall,” she promised.

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