A black bear broke into cabins near River Lake, just east of Prosperous Lake on June 30 and July 1, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said July 1.

Wildlife officers have been patrolling the area, which is just north of the Ingraham Trail but have not yet spotted the animal.

Cabin owners are urged to exercise extreme caution and to call 867-873-7181 if a bear is seen.

When travelling on the land, ENR advises members of the public to move in groups, travel only in the daylight, make noise where visibility is limited, watch for fresh bear droppings and tracks and avoid bear-feeding areas like flood plains and berry patches.

If a bear is encountered, people should stop, stand still and stay calm. Avoid making sudden movements and give the bear a clear route of escape. Keep an eye on the bear, consider using bear spray, bear bangers or other bear deterrents if available.

Blair McBride

Blair McBride covers the Legislative Assembly, business and education. Before coming to Yellowknife he worked as a journalist in British Columbia, Thailand and Ontario. He studied journalism at Western...

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