The Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) has put out two recent notices of bear activity taking place in and outside of Yellowknife.

“We’ve had reports of black bears in Yellowknife, in the Niven Lake, Gitzel Street and airport areas,” reads the first notice. “Officers are patrolling daily and live capture traps are being deployed where the most sightings have been reported.”

As well, regarding bear reports outside of Yellowknife, ENR has drawn people’s attention to the area of Sucker Creek.

“Please be aware of the presence of an adult black bear that may demonstrate aggressive behaviour at or near Sucker Creek along the shores of the Mackenzie River,” reads the second notice. “Bears and other wildlife are attracted by waste from fishing and other harvesting.”

“Caution is advised while out on the land as bears are now putting on winter fat stores. Fishers are reminded not to leave the remains of fish cleaning on the shore where it can attract wildlife.

Looking back at numbers from 2020 and 2021, those residing in the North Slave region shouldn’t expect a high number of bear-related occurrences as number of responses (36 in 2020 and 40 in 2021) has remained steady for at least the last two years.

As well, there were only six dispatches and 2 relocations as opposed to the 37 and 46 dispatches in the South Slave (which also had 7 relocations) and Dehcho area, respectively.

ENR asks individuals who see bear-related activity to “please report it by calling 873-7181, and make sure to keep garbage and other attractants where bears can’t reach them.”

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