Mother and daughter, Margaret Sabourin, 67, and Wanda Menacho, 40, have been cooking around the clock to feed evacuees from Hay River at the Multiplex.

“We cooked country food, such as Geese, we also made soup with the Geese broth, two batches of Bannock on Thursday and on Friday, we made a pot of caribou soup and Bannock again,” said Sabourin.

“We served it for the elderly people that are at the multiplex in Yellowknife on both days.”

Sabourin was in town to see her mother, and wasn’t expecting to spend her visit cooking — but as soon as she heard of the Hay River floods, they duo sprang into action.

“I came home to Fort Providence on May 5 to spend some time at home. On May 11, my mother and I drove to Yellowknife to check up on my family and stay a couple of days. Unexpectedly we decided to cook for the elderly evacuees the follow morning of Thursday,” said Sabourin.

They started calling around to family friends who they knew were displaced by the floods and asked if they needed food and they said yes.

“My mother and I are happy to do this. I have been contributing my time for the past five years to those that are in need,” said Sabourin.

“A lot of people would rather have country food over anything. And will always happy to share what we can.”

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