The Canadian Government will be spending $4.9 billion over the next six years to improve the security of continental Canada. This will include an expanded Northern Approaches surveillance system for the Canadian Air Force and NORAD.

“It will create tremendous opportunity for Canadian industry and will ensure Indigenous-owned businesses benefit from these investments throughout the supply chain,” said Defence Minister Anita Anand on June 20th from the Canadian Armed Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario.

Other defence investments include Arctic command and control information systems, modernized communications, additional air infrastructure and modernized missile systems to deter targets in Canadian airspace.

“Defending Canada’s Arctic sovereignty requires a commitment to working with provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners,” said Dan Vandal, Northern Affairs Minister.

“Inuit communities and their knowledge of the land, waters and environment play a central role in affirming and defending Canada’s North and Arctic, and we will work collaboratively with Inuit through the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework, the Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee and the Inuit Nunangat Policy,” he added.

This plan to invest further in Canada’s Arctic military infrastructure was met with a positive reception by its American counterparts.

“In the face of evolving strategic competition and potential threats to North America across all domains and all axes, investment in domain awareness and enhanced resilient command and control capabilities coupled with cutting edge research and development will strongly position NORAD to detect and understand potential threats faster,” said US Air Force General Glen D. VanHerck, Commander of NORAD.

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