It’s official. The Canadian Rangers are being deployed to Tuktoyaktuk.

An announcement the Federal Government had approved a request for assistance to the community was included in the Nov. 17 daily Covid-19 update from the GNWT.

Rangers will be on hand in the community to assist until at least Dec. 1. Their service may be extended if the situation requires it.

Assistance with medication pick up and delivery, grocery pick up and delivery and mail pick up and delivery can be requested by phoning 1-867-689-2178 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tuktoyaktuk Rangers Jackie Jacobson told Inuvik Drum the unit had activated on Nov. 16 as volunteers, but were now operating in official capacity.

Cases in both Tuktoyaktuk and Inuvik have dropped since yesterday, with Tuktoyaktuk dropping to 101 and Inuvik now down to 11.

A containment order issued for Tuktoyaktuk has been extended until Nov. 29, while students are permitted to return to classroom studies in Inuvik as of Nov. 18. However, a letter sent to parents from the Beaufort Delta District Education Council states students will be screened before returning to classes and that is expected to take the rest of the week. Classes at East Three School will not resume until Nov. 22.

Eric Bowling

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