Property stolen on Sept. 12 from the Unity Store in Fort Simpson has been recovered following RCMP involvement.

This past Monday, officers responded to a break and enter at the convenience store. Upon arrival, the officers found that cigarettes and lighters had been taken.

Following an investigation, as well as cooperation from the community, RCMP were able to recover the stolen property and found that two 15-year-old youths are responsible for the crime.

“With the consent and cooperation of the store owner, the matter is being deferred from the court system to a restorative justice committee,” the RCMP stated on Sept. 14.

“The use of a restorative justice committee is an excellent way to hold offenders accountable, and show them the impact that their actions have on the victim and community at large,” stated Insp. Dean Riou, officer in charge of the “G” Division South District. “It provides an opportunity for the offender to repair the relationships damaged by their actions. The restorative justice process focuses on reparation and accountability, and, contrary to a common misconception, is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

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