The City of Yellowknife has announced that, effective Tuesday August 16, Passport Parking Canada will be available for residents as the City’s new parking meter app.

“Parking meters will continue to accept coins, as this is the primary method of payment,” reads the City’s notice. “For their convenience, residents can also download the app called ‘Passport Parking Canada.’”

The City also wished to notify residents that they should be careful in which app they’re downloading “as other apps will not work.”

The logo for the City’s new parking meter app. Residents are asked to make sure this logo is attached to the app they’re downloading as other apps will not work. Photo courtesy of the City of Yellowknife

After downloading the correct app, the City issued next steps.

“Like the previous interface, users can then enter the zone and space number, as well as payment details. Users will be charged the same convenience fee as with the previous app, of $0.35 per transaction.”

Each parking meter has a sticker decal identifying the zone and space number,” continues the City. “When entering parking zone and space numbers in the app, users should use the information currently on meters. This information, which was used for the previous app, is compatible with Passport Parking Canada. Residents are encouraged to access a step-by-step guide on how to use the Passport Parking Canada app on the City’s website.”

The City thanked residents for their ongoing patience while the new service was being established and implemented.

The City’s previous parking meter app became unavailable for use as of Tuesday, May 31 of 2022, with a timeline of approximately six weeks given by the City to implement a new service.

At least 10 weeks have passed before the announcement today (Aug.16)

If you have any questions or issues with the app or parking meters, please call Municipal Enforcement at 920-5630.

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