The City of Yellowknife is collecting 360-degree video imagery to identify the condition of city-maintained trails.

The information is being to compiled in order “to improve long-term planning and funding of the maintenance of these assets, which are cornerstones of effective asset management,” according to the municipality.

“The city recognizes there may be concerns regarding what imagery is collected and how it is used,” reads a notice from city hall. “To help the public avoid inadvertent capture of their personal information, we are providing the schedule for imagery collection below. Imagery collection depends on both weather and equipment, so this schedule may be delayed should one or the other not cooperate.”

The trail scan schedule is as follows:

Aug. 3 and 4 – Frame Lake Trail (paved section) and Frame Lake Trail (legislature to Staples)

Aug. 5 – Niven Lake Trail and Rotary Park Trail

Aug. 8 – Range Lake Trail

Aug. 9 – Tin Can Hill Trail

Aug. 10 and 11 – Deh Cho Trail (Kam Lake towards Highway 3) and then the remainder of Deh Cho Trail

Aug. 12 – Back Bay Cemetery Trail

Despite the trail scanning schedule only running until Aug. 12, residents may see the scanning camera around Yellowknife until Aug. 26.

With regards to imagery use, “the city will only share imagery which includes personal information when needed to support the delivery of services” or “externally under the terms of agreements which contain appropriate clauses to ensure the protection of privacy and personal information.”

Furthermore, among other items, the municipality commits that it will not sell or rent personal information collected in imagery and will safeguard imagery containing personal information in accordance with IT security best practices.

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