The City of Yellowknife, as of Sept. 1, officially launched a new way to contest parking tickets, known as the Administrative Monetary Penalty system (AMPS).

Not to be confused with the new parking meter app launched on Aug. 16, AMPS is intended to simplify the process of paying for or contesting parking fines and reduce the time municipal enforcement officers spend serving summons and appearing in court, allowing them to focus efforts elsewhere.

“People who receive a penalty notice (a parking ticket) and wish to contest it will no longer have to go through the formal court process,” reads a notice from the city. “Instead, people who are issued a parking ticket have the option of first requesting a review by a screening officer. If a resident disagrees with the decision of the screening officer they can request a review by an adjudicator. The decision of the adjudicator is final.”

Parking ticket recipients can request a review within 30 days of the date of issue.

Initially presented at a city council meeting in September 2019, it took three years for AMPS to be fully realized.

According to previously reported information provided by Kerry Thistle, director of economic development and strategy for the municipality, the city issued 5,859 parking tickets in 2021.

“Allowing vehicle owners to contest their parking ticket directly to a screening officer is a faster and much more efficient way of processing parking tickets,” said Mayor Rebecca Alty.

Individuals paying tickets within 14 calendar days of the date of issue will receive an early payment discount.

All current payment methods will remain the same.

Residents can visit for more information to request a review by a screening officer.

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