You’ll no longer have to wonder whether there’s an unmarked bylaw vehicle anywhere on city streets.

The city announced on Friday afternoon that the appearance of all vehicles within the Municipal Enforcement Division is set to change. According to a press release, all patrol vehicles will now feature the city’s logo, identifying it as a city vehicle, along with the contact number for the division clearly marked on the doors and rear of each vehicle. The change means there will no longer be any unmarked vehicles, or “ghost cars,” on patrol.

It’s also meant to give the cars a distinct look as the old design shared some elements with other law enforcement agencies, the release stated.

The city also stated that the changes are part of new strategic priorities set out by the previous city council earlier this year, which called for “enhancing visibility and public engagement,” among other items.

Residents should see the changes immediately, according to the city.

James McCarthy

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  1. I agree with the change. Ghost cars are sneaky and it makes people think municipal enforcement is a ticket factory.
    The city must be fair and visibility is important in that case.