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City warns Yellowknife residents to mind their pipes

City warns Yellowknife residents to mind their water pipes
The City of Yellowknife is asking residents to run warm water through the course of the day to a inhelp thaw frozen sewer lines that are effecting homes throughout the community. NNSL file photo

Homes across the city are experiencing higher-than-usual numbers of frozen sanitary sewer lines.

The City is requesting residents run warm water over the course of the day to help prevent this.

Observations of frost levels show them as deep as 10 feet this season (more than in a typical winter season, according to the City).

These levels place a significant amount of residential services in the “active frost layer” and contributes to the increase in freeze-ups.

Residents are also reminded that, while running warm water, that each household is different, so the length of time the water runs varies.

The City assures that “crews are working diligently to attend to the high numbers of frozen lines.”

If you are experiencing a sewer or water line freeze-up, we encourage residents to contact local plumbing and/or steaming experts to assist in thawing your service.

For assistance, email or call 766-5512.