The Electoral Boundaries Commission of the Northwest Territories is looking for public feedback on its proposed riding changes.

On Dec. 3, the Commission published a working paper proposing two possible changes to the territory’s existing 19 districts: One would roughly preserve the status quo, with some changes to the boundaries of the ridings in Yellowknife, Inuvik and Hay River, the other option would see the number of ridings reduced to 16 by eliminating districts in those same urban centres.

The Electoral Boundaries Act requires that the commission form every eight years to review the existing electoral divisions and propose changes.

Danielle Mager, the commission’s secretary, says the recommendations in the report are not set in stone, but rather are intended to stir public conversation.

“It’s really just to start a discussion with people to be like, ‘Hey, these are kind of our ideas and what we’re thinking — what do you think? Is this ridiculous? Or is this something that we could run with?’”

Mager says the report has also been shared with municipalities, Indigenous governments, and MLAs for feedback.

The commission will present its final recommendations during the May-June sitting of the Legislative Assembly. Those who want to submit their own feedback can email written submissions to or phone 867-445-6005 for assistance.

If pandemic restrictions permit it, the commission will also be visiting communities across the territory in January to discuss the report with residents in person.

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