More COVID-19 diagnoses prompted the chief public health officer to issue a “containment order” for the NWT communities of Fort Good Hope and Colville Lake.

The measures outlined in the order, including the closing of non-essential businesses, are in effect for 10 days starting Aug. 15, according to the Office of Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO).

From the order:

– No gatherings at any time in homes or in public places. Exceptions include people caring for others in their homes or who provide regularly scheduled childcare.
– No gathering outdoors with anyone you do not live with.
– Non-essential businesses and facilities must close – including community centres and schools.
– Essential businesses and facilities shall remain open with no more than 10 persons permitted in an indoor location at one time.
– Offices may remain open provided they have no more than 10 persons in an indoor location, and physical distance of two metres can be maintained.
– Daycares may remain open to the children of essential workers only.
– All persons shall wear masks in any public indoor spaces, unless otherwise approved by the chief public health officer.
Non-essential travel into and out of the communities of Fort Good Hope and Colville Lake is strongly discouraged, but is not part of the public health order.

Exposures and isolation

There are orders for anyone who was in either community between Aug. 5 and 15, too. They are to isolate for 10 days and contact their community’s health centre to arrange for a COVID-19 test.

The same applies to anyone who attended the handgames tournament in Fort Good Hope from Aug. 5 to 9.

These orders apply whether you have been vaccinated or not.

Contact the local health centre to arrange testing.

This also applies to anyone who attended the handgames event between Aug. 5-9 in Fort Good Hope, but resides in another community and is fully or not fully vaccinated.

According to the OCPHO, there are now three confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Sahtu cluster, one in Fort Good Hope and two in Colville Lake, plus four probable cases in Fort Good Hope, one probable case in Deline and four probable cases in Yellowknife.

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