Covid-19 cases are holding steady in Inuvik, but have increased slightly in Tuktoyaktuk.

There are now two active cases of Covid-19 in Inuvik and 39 in Tuktoyaktuk — an increase in three from the day before. The latest numbers, accurate as of 9 a.m. Nov. 23, were released shortly before 6 p.m. by the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer.

Tuktoyaktuk has set up a check point with the blessings of the GNWT as an attempt to deter people from entering or leaving the community. The check point will be in place until at least Dec. 3.

Testing for Covid-19 in Tuktoyaktuk has been expanded to anyone who has been in contact with a positive Covid-19 case or is showing symptoms — even mild ones.

A public health order for Inuvik expired Nov. 23 at midnight.

A Nov. 22 general Covid-19 update notes that children aged five to 11 years old are now approved to receive the Comirnaty aka Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and the GNWT was working to get the required supplies. Once this is done, parents will be able to book their children for vaccinations using the online booking system or by contacting their local health centre.

An announcement the Federal Government had approved a request for assistance from the Canadian Rangers to the community was included in the Nov. 17 daily Covid-19 update from the GNWT.

Rangers will be on hand in the community to assist until at least Dec. 1. Their service may be extended if the situation requires it.

Assistance with medication pick up and delivery, grocery pick up and delivery and mail pick up and delivery can be requested by phoning 1-867-689-2178 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tuktoyaktuk Rangers Sgt. Jackie Jacobson told Inuvik Drum the unit had activated on Nov. 16 as volunteers, but were now operating in official capacity.

Transportation is available for people in need of testing or who are in isolation. Anyone in need can phone (867) 766-8650 for assistance.

While East Three school re-opened on Monday in Inuvik, after the school screened its entire body of students and staff, Mangilaluk School is remaining closed for the time being. In addition, the Jason Jacobson Youth Centre Afterschool Program is currently suspended, alongside the Tuktoyaktuk Child Development Centre. Extracurricular activities for youth aged 12 and under remain banned for the time being, however, in-class learning in Inuvik is set to resume Nov. 22 after the school has completed a screening program of all students and staff.

An isolation station has been set up at the gymnasium of Mangilaluk School. It’s intended to provide a safe space for people who test positive for Covid-19. MACA and the department of infrastructure are working on sending cots to the community and a two public health workers are en route to the Hamlet to assist in the containment.

A notice from the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk is reminding people the isolation order is still in effect even if they test negative for Covid-19. Hamlet officials stress that tests must be booked in advance and are not walk-in. To book a test, contact the Rosie Ovayuak Health Centre at 1-867-977-2321. The hamlet asks anyone with an appointment to be on time.

Anyone in the same household of someone who is told to self isolate must remain in isolation for the entire 14 days.

After closing for a week, Shivers Lounge announced they would re-open Nov. 15 for fully vaccinated customers. Proof of vaccination and government-issued ID will be required to enter. Inuvik Youth Centre has suspended all youth programming as well as the after-school program, as well as the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s Aboriginal Head Start.

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