A planned early childhood education centre in Fort Resolution is getting a funding boost from the mining industry.

De Beers will donate $356,000 to the $1.2 million project, the company announced on Friday, July 15.

The 1,700-square-foot education and childcare centre is currently under construction in Alberta. Once complete, the facility will serve up to 15 children at a time, and will include an indoor recreational area, an outdoor playground, and programming for early childhood development.

Much of the $356,000 donation will go to health equipment, a nutritious food program and other services and costs.

Arthur Beck, president of the Fort Resolution Métis Local, said the new facility “will allow for parents to enter the workforce to build on a working career for their family’s well-being. Also, with the help of this early childhood learning centre for their child or children, (it) will now allow parents to pre-plan and upgrade their education to further their career path, resulting in improving their financial well-being for their family.”

The new centre is slated to open on Sept. 1.


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