As more of Canada’s dark history of it’s treatment of Indigenous peoples makes the news, the Dene National Chief appealed to the United Nations on July 12.

Dene National Chief Norman Yakelaya addressed the United Nations on behalf of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada at the 14th United Nations virtual session of Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

“Through our collective grief and pain over the recent weeks, there comes hope and opportunity for change that will bring justice and accountability for our losses and our stolen little ones and their families,” he said.

“This work requires participation of all parties and will not happen overnight but it must start now.”

The address urged for accountability and support for justice and healing for the Indigenous peoples and Yakelaya appealed to the United Nations for their support.

“The support of the United Nations plays an important role in keeping Canada accountable.”

Beyond government action, the Dene National Chief reiterated a need for an apology from the Catholic Church.

“We require action of all governments,” he continued. “And the Catholic Church by way of a Papal apology.”

On top of this, the First Nations Chiefs-in-Assembly passed a resolution last week in which they demanded justice and accountability for the missing children of residential schools.

Both these announcements come as a result of discoveries of unmarked graves made at Kamloops, Cowessess First Nation and other sites.

Chief Yakelaya also brought attention to current knowledge about the discoveries that have been made, noting 93 per cent of Canadians are aware of the recoveries that have been made in Kamloops, yet only 10 per cent understand the history of the school system.

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  1. In the 1950’s and 60’s this was a hot topic, at the school I attended back then. I do not understand why this and other bad problems like clean drinking water etc. were not fixed then.
    When I was in public school on the outskirts of a southern Ontario city, they were busing in to our schools children from the reserves while new public schools were being built for their children, we were told this would stop this atrocity.
    As I got older I realized, it was still going on in places sadly. This is a crime. Instead of giving Canadian tax dollars to foreign global concerns for so many years while our proud great first people and some other Canadians were left without. Back when Canada was so well off political corruption with many lies has taken place, it is much worse now with Canada so far in debt leaving the well off and politicians rich, but still borrowing more money(debt) to give away outside of our country and now blaming the RC church and leaving our political corruption to the UN to decide what to do to all unaware it seems Canadians.
    Our corrupt politicians better pull up their socks, they are paid by us and should be looking after us, especially the first nations.

  2. It is one thing to speak to the U.N., Canadian Government and Churches, in this case the Roman Catholics about our experiences and and how they ridiculed, hurt, suffer, physical and sexual abuse and GENOCIDE on us poor innocent Indigenous Children. Words are useless because of the inaction taken place by those in power. Canadians or should I say British and European Immigrants who claim to find new ground need to learn these painful and atrocious acts done to us. Thank God, we are resilient people because we are SURVIVORS in OUR LAND. My beef for the day.