Digawolf, a Yellowknife-based, two time Juno award nominated group, will be releasing their first all-Tłı̨chǫ album in over decade.

The timing of the album, which is set to be completed by September, was just right according to the band.

“It was high time to have another album in Tłı̨chǫ,” Jesse James Yatlayi, a former resident of Behchokǫ̀ and frontman of the band said. “It’s a challenge for me, (but) it’s a fun project and I get to explore short stories in music.”

The groups last all-Tłı̨chǫ album was released in 2012 under the title, Naka De.

Digawolf’s new album will look to be an combination of alternative and electronica.

“(It’s) going to be alternative and with a little bit of electronica,” Yatlayi said. “So, it’s gonna be a fusion. I’m working with a producer in Toronto named Jason Spanu and we’re essentially sharing files back and forth.”

“So we’re working on the album,” he continued. “I’m recording most of (the) stuff here in studio and we share ideas.”

As of now, their current album is still being developed and looks to finish up with 10 tracks album overall.

“Still in the process,” Yatlayi said. “We’ve released a single right now called ‘Seiga Dahte’, which means “My friend, how are you?” and we’re working on another single release.”

Development on the new single is still underway at this time, with no firm release date in mind at this time.

As far as touring goes for the group, they’re still cautious about Covid, and will be looking to 2023 something more official tour wise.

“Since the pandemic, lockdowns and Covid, I think a lot of people are sort of brushing themselves off,” Yatlayi said. “The music industry has pretty much halted. So I will be, for sure, in studio. We’re recording spring and summer, for sure. Possibly next year for the album.”

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