John Fredericks discusses his campaign to join city council and the reason for his unexpected departure as chief of the Yellowknife Fire Division (YKFD).


Could you introduce yourself for anyone who may not know who you are?

“I moved to Yellowknife in December 2016 with my wife Kelly. I have spent the last 32 years working in public safety for various municipalities and government levels across Canada.”


What do you hope to change if you’re elected?

“I really don’t plan to change but to help improve systems already in place — see what service levels are important to the residents. Should we focus on the main services levels, or should we scale back on others?”


Why have you chosen to run now?

“The time is right for me now. I was just getting settled in my new position as fire chief during the last election. I have always had an interest in municipal politics and admire those that have run before me.”


Is there any relationship between you running for council and departing as the chief of the fire department?

No, I enjoyed my time at the city and being a member of the YKFD. Because of brain cancer, I could not work full-time. I am in remission now and it is time to get on with my life.


Are there any other comments you would like to add?

I feel that I have the right experience for the job, if elected. I am a forward-thinker of sound judgement. If elected, I would support the city while maintaining the interest of the residents. I will not make promises but will participate and attend meetings while working with other councillors.

Jonathan Gardiner

After a tough break looking for employment in Alberta, I moved to Yellowknife in 2017 and became a multimedia journalist in 2022. I enjoy the networking side of my job, and I also aspire to write my...

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