The precautionary boil water advisory in Fort Simpson was lifted May 28 for homes connected to the piped water system.

Residents who receive their water from the Village of Fort Simpson on the piped water system were asked to boil their water beginning May 17 due to higher than normal turbidity, or muddy water.

The Department of Health and Social Services recommends that residents and businesses flush their water supply by:

Running cold water faucets and drinking fountains for one minute before use;

Flushing and cleaning water-using equipment, such as soda fountains, coffee makers and ice-making machines, for at least one minute;

Changing filters, such as tap mounted carbon filters or Brita filters;

Flushing and cleaning coffee machines;

Draining and flushing ice-making machines;

Running water softeners through a regeneration cycle;

Draining and refilling hot water heaters; and

Draining and cleaning water-holding tanks.

There have been no illnesses associated with drinking water reported in the community.

Natalie Pressman

Reporting courts and cops and general news, Natalie started with NNSL Media in 2020. Before moving to Yellowknife, Natalie worked as a community radio trainer in Iskatewizaagegan #39 Independent First...

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