The Foster Family Coalition of the NWT suspended two of its programs due to both a shortage of staff and direction from the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE), according to the coalition’s executive director.

Tammy Roberts confirmed on Jan. 13 the organization suspended both its Northern Stars after-school program and its GLOW life-skills program.

The Foster Family Coalition provides services and programs to adoptive families across the territory. Northern Stars is an after-school daycare program for children of working parents; The GLOW program aims to give youth 12 and over the skills to transition to independent or semi-independent living.

She said the Northern Stars program was shut down “as it is licensed through ECE and we have to follow their instructions.”

It was not immediately clear why the Department of ECE ordered the program to be shut down; ECE Spokesperson Briony Grabke did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Roberts said the GLOW program was closed as most of the staff are currently working from home.

Roberts was not immediately available to provide more detail on the program suspensions.

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