A Fort Smith trapper caught four thin, possibly starving wolves over the past week as the animals have been menacing the community recently and a dog died in an attack earlier this month.

The wolves being underweight contributes to their fearlessness and makes them more likely to wander into communities, according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR).

A lone, large black wolf is believed to remain at-large in the area.

In a previous update on Jan. 6, ENR stated that a pack of eight wolves was identified around Fort Smith.

Signage has been set up where sightings have occurred, as well as where bait stations are set up.

GNWT officials are also investigating a number of coyote sightings. It is believed that some recently reported wolf sightings were actually coyote sightings, according to ENR.

Coyotes are less likely to interact with humans, but are still a danger to pets, especially smaller dogs and cats.

ENR urges the public to remain cautious.

Animal sightings can be reported to the Fort Smith wildlife line at 867-872-0400.

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