Giant Mine seeks community feedback

A new mining survey wants to hear from members of Yellowknife, Ndilo, and Dettah.

On Feb. 24, the Giant Mine Oversight Board (GMOB) launched an online community survey to collect information on the community’s understanding of the remediation of the Giant Mine site.

Available in English, French, and Wiilideh, this is the first GMOB community survey.

Using a multiple-answer, clickable format, the survey poses questions like, “Who do you think is responsible for the cleanup (remediation) of the Giant Mine site?” and, “Are you interested in or concerned about the remediation (clean up) activities at the Giant Mine site?” 

Some questions leave a field of space for participants to write longer answers. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the survey.

The names of participants will not be released but the webform does ask for age and location data.

The results will be announced at a later date.

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