The Government of the Northwest Territories wants residents to ‘Be Ready’ for emergencies through new campaign.

The campaign is being launched by the territorial government with the reminder that spring flood and wildfire seasons are approaching.

The focus will be on important things to know when preparing for emergencies, including, but not limited to, understanding the most common risks in the Northwest Territories, knowing your community’s emergency plan, making an emergency plan for your home, and building an emergency kit, among other items.

“Our government wants to ensure that residents have the information and resources they need to be ready for an emergency,” stated Shane Thompson, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs. “There are many simple and inexpensive things we can all do today to ensure that we are prepared whenever an emergency strikes. This campaign has been designed to reach residents in all communities and provide them with the information they will need to be ready.”

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With regard to wildfires, there were 139 that the Northwest Territories experienced in 2021.

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