The territorial government is increasing funding for many of its homeownership repair programs.

The Emergency Repair Program, Fuel Tank Replacement Program and Seniors Aging in Place Program now offer up to $15,000 per eligible applicant, an increase from $10,000, according to a GNWT announcement on Jan. 23.

The Preventative Maintenance Program has increased by $2,000, making $5,000 the new maximum.

No change has yet been made to the Mobility Modifications Program, which provides assistance to homeowners with a household member living with a disability by supporting modifications that help with independent living.

Most of the homeownership repair programs are available to seniors on fixed incomes and residents 19 or older who have lived in the NWT for at least three years with low to modest incomes, as outlined in the NWT Housing Corporation’s Core Need Income Threshold (CNIT) for each community.

“The amount that is identified is the upper level of income per month that a resident can make and still receive assistance,” said Cara Bryant, communications person with NWT Housing Corporation. “If someone is making over the homeownership CNIT, they are deemed to have sufficient resources to meet their own housing needs.”

She added that applicants who make less than $60,000 annually will not be required to pay any portion of the repair (if they qualify) and applicants who make more than $60,000 per year up to the CNIT level for their community will be required to pay a 10 per cent co-payment, except for the Emergency Repair Program, which does not require a co-payment.

The Major Home Repair Program, with up to $50,000 for home repairs, which used to be accessible to eligible clients 19 years or older, is now only available to seniors after these changes,

The programs are meant to provide financial assistance to eligible households to address repairs or upgrades that make homes less expensive to operate, more durable and offer independent living for seniors.

Kaicheng Xin

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