On July 28, MLA Julie Green posted on Facebook about the current status of outstanding self-isolation plans (SIPs) in the NWT. The post brought attention to the large amount of requests that the GNWT has had to process due factors such as relaxed public health restrictions and the requirements of SIPs.

“We were not prepared for the volume,” said Green in her post. “There are 2,609 SIPs pending today (July 28) and that includes 835 new plans submitted this week.”

Due to the mass increase in SIPs, which has been steadily growing since May 23, The ProtectNWT division of the GNWT is currently working on a number of new initiatives to address the issue.

Authorization of overtime for staff has been granted and the adding of additional workers is also ongoing.

According to Kelley Ryder of ProtectNWT, the staff totals 42 employees overall, with an additional 18 employees from the COVID Secretariat trained to assist with the SIPs.

On top of an increase to staffing, ProtectNWT is also looking to upgrade the software it uses to process claims.

The department advised it is prioritizing applications from travelers who plan to arrive in the territory within the week.

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