Yellowknife Live Action Role Play (LARP) group is a world unto it’s own.

One Facebook post advertising a meet up reads: “We will have an instructor and loaner weapons, please be prepared to sign a waiver.”

Another post: “To all members, likers, and lurkers, we are still here. Covid and winter has slowed us down but we are already planning for spring. This is the time to work on your back story, sharpen your foam blades, and put the finishing touches on your wardrobe. We will be killing each other soon.”

LARPers are a “subsect of a subsect” of the gaming and Comicon community explained Brett Trimble, a founding board member of YK LARP. The community here small but mighty — just 15 in total. But Trimble, hopes to change that.

YK LARP community are currently open to recruiting new members before their overnight season opener on June 3.

“Attending three practices is mandatory before you can attend a Saturday adventure, this is to ensure that you are safe in combat and understand the basic rules,” said Trimble.

The first three outdoor practices are free after that there is a $100 membership fee to cover the club’s insurance cost.

Saturday events are $10 and run from 1-5, overnight weekend events are $20.

The next practise is on Tuesday, May 17 from 7 p.m. at Fritz Theil Park adjacent to the Raquet Club.

That is, if the weather permits. “We wanted to get started sooner but the weather turned to snot. So we are hoping to start next week.”

Trimble has been LARPing for over 20 years. “I serve as a non-player character or NPC, a bad guy, a bartender” — essentially a background character that moves forward the plot.

They have big plans for the year. “With Covid restrictions eased we are looking at running year-round and rental spaces for the fall,” said Trimble.

In September they’ll host their second annual overnight event, so those who aren’t trained up by June will have another chance. Events are run approximately every second weekend from June through September.

“We have an abundance of gear. A copy of every weapon, the swords, and axes. Access to the rile book, how the characters work, how combat works, how magic works.”

And everyone is welcome. The oldest player is Trimble at 51 and youngest is 13 (in a strictly NPC, non-combat role).

“Because we are all awkward it’s therefore inclusive,” said Trimble. “Just show up.”

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