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Hay River Community Centre no longer requiring proof of vax

The Hay River Community Centre stopped requiring visitors to show a proof of vaccination as of March 1.
Stephane Millette, recreation director with the Town of Hay River, announced in a news release Tuesday that the Hay River Community Centre has lifted its proof of vaccination requirements upon entry, as of March 1 at 8 a.m. The announcement came following the GNWT’s decision last week to begin lifting territory-wide pandemic restrictions starting April 1. NNSL file photo

The Hay River Community Centre stopped requiring visitors to show a proof of vaccination as of March 1.

The Town of Hay River stated in a news release on Tuesday that people entering the building no longer have to share that information.

The policy change follows the GNWT’s Feb. 25 announcement that all pandemic restrictions will be lifted by April 1.

Last November, Town of Hay River council approved introducing the proof of vaccination requirement during the duration of a territory-wide gathering order.

That order had limited indoor activity to 25 people, 50 outdoors and required two-metre physical distancing between people.

The announcement will also mean that Covid-19 and contact tracing lists, reduced gathering limits under the territory’s gathering order, and other restrictions to high-risk activities will not longer be required.

Sports clubs and rental groups will have the ability to require proof of vaccination and other Covid-19 restrictions for their own situations, according to the release.

Some public health measures will remain in place, however.

“The NWT-wide mandatory face-mask requirement for indoor spaces will remain in place until the end of the Public Health Emergency to reduce the risk of transmission during the period of the indoor gathering,” the release adds.

Public health is also continues recommending guidelines such as proper handwashing, keeping social distance, avoiding crowd mingling and distancing from live performances involving singing or instruments.

People returning from travel should stay close to their households for 72 hours and avoid large groups during that period.

The GNWT is also advising that a dedicated “area, space or time slot” be established at the community centre for people who are at a higher risk of severe disease.